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If he really loved her, why didn't they just run away? Was it because he was more in lust than in love with hot, sexy Juliet?

Follow this bawdy, humorous, erotic satire in which three hot sexy Juliets try to persuade dim-witted Romeos more in lust than in love with them to run away to a free-loving, deliciously erotic life unstained by slaughter.

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"Juliet and Her Romeo in the New Millennium" is a bawdy, humorous, sexy satire based on the Shakespearean classic "Romeo and Juliet" that would make Shakespeare, Judi Dench and Tom Stoppard chuckle. This new millennium version visits three wonderfully erotic, post-modern Juliets as they share their clever, sexy, comic versions of what might have happened to the star-crossed lovers if they’d engaged in more lusty-thrusted spirited activity, and if Romeo had found more time to make hot, sexy Juliet into his own uplifted night bird fully…cocked… in wanton caroling.

Also, what do "The Elephant Man" and "Romeo and Juliet" have in common? In one scene of "The Elephant Man" another view of "Romeo and Juliet" is suggested. Rather than just accepting that Romeo killed himself because he was overcome with grief, John Merrick in "The Elephant Man" states a different notion which even Shakespeare would admit is closer to the truth.

"Does he take her pulse?" he asks, "Does he get a doctor? Does he make sure? No. He kills himself. The illusion fools him because he only felt sorry for himself. If I had been Romeo, we would have got away." If the Elephant Man had been Romeo. If only…

Highly Acclaimed Among Short Films

Village Stage and Screen Productions, based in Greenwich Village, New York City, wrote, produced, and directed this original Romeo and Juliet modern work. Its efforts have received rave reviews in America and Europe.

"Razor sharp dialogue layered with saucy humor and wit. Smart and refreshing."
James Cospito, Brooklyn, NY
New York International Independent Film and Video Festival
"Amazing! The last place we would expect such a film to be made is America."
Hans Richter, Dusseldorf
Festival der Nationen International Competition for Independent Film and Video, Ebensee, Austria
"'Juliet and Her Romeo in the New Millennium' is sweet, vinegary, sincere, and sardonic all in one sitting. This clever modernization of a great playwright's work deftly delivers Shakespearean style to the eyes, ears, and minds of a 20th-century audience."
John Raine, South Greenwich Village, NY, New York International Independent Film and Video Festival
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Romeo and Juliet - Modern-day Plot for Theatre Enthusiasts As Well As Drama Students

Are you an education professional looking for short films that will help your literary or acting students better understand and love Shakespeare? "Juliet and her Romeo in the New Millennium" will bring new meaning to that classic play which students can both appreciate and enjoy.

Are you an acting teacher trying to show your drama students how timeless Shakespearean text can be performed in strikingly different ways? "Juliet and her Romeo in the New Millennium" offers acting students an opportunity to expand and grow in performance art as well as in creativity. Through viewing this entirely new adaptation of the Romeo and Juliet tale, drama students increase their abilities in stage movement, character interpretation, voice, and speech.

Do you view short films for personal pleasure? Do you have a keen appreciation for witty, intelligent dialogue and a deep love of satire? If so, you'll thoroughly enjoy this video.

Order today and discover a truly unique and enlightening take on what might have been for Romeo and Juliet if only...

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