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Juliet and Her Romeo in the New Millennium was written, produced, and directed by Village Stage and Screen Productions.

Village Stage and Screen Productions is a small, independent production company founded by André Anthony Moore in 2001 and based in Greenwich Village, New York City We are dedicated to writing, producing and directing serious, original work for stage and screen.

Previous work includes:

Camille and Claude, a feature length dramatic screenplay performed in March, 2000 at the Screening Room in New York City. The story begins in the Batignolles, Paris in 1859. Camille is twenty, beautiful and ready to explode. She models for painters and turns tricks in a bar, determined to escape the stink and squalor of the Batignolles. One night, a penniless young Claude Monet finds her beaten and raped, gives her shelter and, moved by the sadness in her face, draws her as she sleeps. Camille lets Claude paint her portrait, then decides to live with him. They take a country cottage in Benncourt where she hopes to escape her horrible life in the Batignolles. Her belief is soon shattered when she gets pregnant with Claude’s child. Suddenly Camille finds her life filled with enemies, allies and unforeseen promise. She can’t know that in the few, turbulent years she spends with Claude, she’ll drive him to discover a new, electrifying way of seeing the natural world. Camille and Claude was subsequently optioned by One Two Nine Productions in London.

Jack and Inga, the story of a young naval ensign working in the Office of Naval Intelligence in 1941 who falls in love with a beautiful Danish journalist accused of being a Nazi spy. Jack and Inga is currently in pre-production. Casting is scheduled for Summer 2004 and shooting for Fall 2004.


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