Translations to romeo and juliet in modern english

The Story: Dream Three

In which flaccid pilgrims who would be roosters almost end
Stage roasted capons fully Stoppard.

So quick forgotten thy dispatch of Paris,
Whilst on thy whiny pilgrimage to me,
Hence mewling over Tybalt in frozen
animus, And none of it for me but all for thee!
Oh woe is me! Thou speak’st not as Juliet,
Now lost most lovèd night bird, No greater
beauty nature could’st beget No sound
more lovely in a single word.
Nay Romeo, thy self-love played to me
as purest love, Doth come from fawning boys
too blind to see, That plots which play as wars
can not be love, That horses as would plots
run loving free.
Long winded boy, alight. Save thy hackneyed
story line, For trophied concubines best
served supine, Akin to hollow-brainèd
It's not over yet.

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