Translations to romeo and juliet in modern english

The Story: Dream Two

The dark side of Juliet and Romeo in which
Romeo nearly gets his scene stealing heart
At full tilt daggered.
Aye, pleas as soundless as thy hoots for
venerated plots, Whilst nightingales give
way to cranky larks, Who spend long sterile
days tied up in knots, Unsparked by dickering
stage-struck patriarchs.
Poor stunted ears mistake the nagging screech
of larks, For the gloried matinals of noble
roosters, Whose fertile-throated calls ne'er
fail to mark, The bawdy barnyard mien of
great producers.
Alack, the pitied gait of limpest boosters,
Fixed on long-winded plots but weakly proffered,
By err-brained Montagues who would be
roosters, Yet end stage-roasted capons,
fully Stoppard.
Oh shamèd stable girl, thou wouldst malign,
The noble-spirited clan of Montagues
Who even in high hubris would incline,
To tender vulvaed Capulets sweet-tongued
Hence bid to drink vile potions by a
hasty-witted friar, Then enter stage-
struck Romeo fully blindered, Who
doth belie stilled Juliet consumed in
wishful ire, For his scene-stealing heart
at full tilt daggered!
Oh sacrilege! Thou wouldst impale my loving
heart, For crimson lips and cheeks so fair
in everlasting rest, Embraced in dateless
bargain, never to depart Our own dim
nightèd palace ever blest.

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