Translations to romeo and juliet in modern english

The Story: Dream Two Climax

In which role reversal wouldst redeem
A haughty princess and her pugnacious lover.

Tatiana Prisco       David Kachoui

Oh Romeo, wouldst thou leave me
with my pony on the go?
For if thou did, I'd be obliged to
slap it. And t'would never
be exactly comme il faut.
indeed, I'd be constrained
to handicap it.
Racy girl, full dressage would
lead to insufficient woe,
A prematurely consummated plot
because I lingered. Pray
cool down till I remount
incognito, And be content with
fervid equus...fingered.
Flaccid pilgrim, thou wouldst
leave me here in vaginated
toil, all wanting and askew,
a panting ingenue, To work
myself into an artless broil,
Akin to hand-stretched,
frothied Montagues!
Hmm, I wouldst perforce concede
that hand stretched frothied,
Is tedious and fleeting and
quickly turns to goo.
Whilst thou most precious
night bird fully gloried...
Is by Aphrodite's graces...
the better of the two.
What a guy's gotta go through!

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