Translations to romeo and juliet in modern english

The Story: Group Dream

In which lingering disputes are thrust on limpest boosters
of the traditional plot by sweet-throated nightingales
become cranky larks.

Imagine...the two great male lines of Verona
on the battlefield, no uniforms, completely nude
...with hard, protruding cocks.
We wanna be loved by them, just them
nobody else. Booboo be doop.
She couldn't aspire to anything higher.
Right, hot heads...on cold feet!
What if...what if Juliet played Romeo?
Ah, then we'd have an ending.
Yes! I could be a much better
a man with Juliet...than I ever could...
as a woman with Romeo.
Girls, please!
She's obviously delusional.
Just keep telling yourselves,
you're girls, you're girls.

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