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You've probably read much Romeo and Juliet movie criticism and various movie reviews, but while our film version shares fewer Romeo and Juliet characteristics than the big screen versions, it has attracted plenty of rave reviews:

From the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival

"One witty, sexy take on Shakespeare's work. Definitely enjoyable."
Peter Cooper, Bronx, NY

"Razor sharp dialogue layered with saucy humor and wit. Smart and refreshing."
James Cospito, Brooklyn, NY

"Juliet and her Romeo in the New Millennium is sweet, vinegary, sincere and sardonic all in one sitting. This clever modernization of a great playwright's work deftly delivers Shakespearean style to the eyes, ears and minds of a 20th century audience."
John Raine, South Greenwich Village, NY

"What a great way for teachers to turn their students on to Shakespeare!"
James Williams, Mount Vernon, NY

"Phallic poetry delivered by male chauvinist patriarchs to cranky feminists could not be more tolerable! A fantastic film that ends in a big guffaw."
Stephanie Shershow, Brooklyn, NY

Truly authentic ensemble acting that's been sorely missing from American cinema for the past 25 years. Simply and elegantly dramatized. America needs this authenticity."
Zachary Bregman, New York City

From The Independent's Film Festival, Tampa Florida

"At first I didn't get it, then my 26 year-old daughter turned me on to it. Very sneaky dialogue. Figures that a film like this would come from a bunch of effete intellectual New Yorkers, from Greenwich Village no less. Good job!"
John Henderson, Tampa, FL

"I had to force my husband to see it and, can you believe it, he still doesn't get it!"
Florence Masterson, Pinellas, FL

From Festival der Nationen International Competition for Independent Film and Video, Ebensee, Austria

"Amazing! The last place we would expect such a film to be made is America"
Hans Richter, Dusseldorf

"Here's one, which doesn't happen too frequently, where the Yanks really did us one better. Well done!"
Ruth Bonnel, London

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