Construction Project Scheduling- What You Should Know

Construction Project Scheduling- What You Should Know

Man on construction site with plans in hand

A construction project schedule is a graphical or written representation of how a project will be completed. It is analogous to the bid of a contractor. The contractor can present this schedule in the form of a bar chart, a CPM schedule, or a written narrative. Nevertheless, it represents the estimated time that the contractor will take to complete the project. 

Who Makes a Construction Project Schedule?

The person that comes up with a construction project schedule is known as a construction scheduler. This professional develops and updates the schedule of a construction project. 

A scheduler can be a button pusher. This is a professional that takes and inserts information in the scheduling software. The software that is used to create a construction project schedule can be Microsoft Project, Asta PowerProject, or Primavera. 

A scheduler can also be a professional that knows and comprehends different method and means of construction. They also know the capabilities of scheduling software. But most importantly, the scheduler understands the best practices in construction scheduling, as well as, how to incorporate them in a project schedule. 

Most projects do not include professional schedulers pulling all elements together. That’s because including such experts doesn’t guarantee the success of a project. However, a professional scheduler works with a project manager and superintendent to come up with a plan that resides in their head. They also ensure that the plan is accurately depicted in the schedule. 

Basics of Construction Project Scheduling 

Every construction project has a contract. This contract stipulates the time that the contractor will take to complete the construction project. A lot of work has to be done with every project. 

A construction project schedule is a detailed representation or description of the plans of a contractor in terms of completing the required work. The schedule features different activities and the duration that each of them will take to complete. 

If you have an upcoming construction project, as your contractor to provide a schedule first to ensure that you know the duration they will take to complete it.